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My name is Dave Goodchild. I used to call myself a word engineer, but these days I prefer word hacker - I am about to commence an MA in online journalism and straddle the space between journalism, programming and online media. Recent projects I have been involved in have been featured on BBC ClickBBC Outriders and over at journalism.co.uk.

As a developer, I have my head in two camps. I employ Drupal to build community engines fast (at the moment I am freelancing at The Economist) and I love Ruby. I primarily develop web applications using Rails and Sinatra and was responsible for assisting in the very first rubyinthepub, a hookup for journalists and developers which has since mutated into the successful UK arm of hackshackers, with attendees from the Times, Guardian and New York Times. I am also currently contributing code to the diaspora project, blogging in octopress, and building some gems. I am also on the verge of working with Jeff Noon.

On the word front, I am influenced by many, many people - not just writers and journalists but musicians, painters, comic book artists, computer programmers, bloggers and the mascara snakes of the avant garde. I think life love and language is there for the taking. At the moment I am reading The Book Of The New Sun by Gene Wolfe.

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